10 Makeup Products Every Oily Girl Needs On Her Makeup Vanity

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Oily people know the real struggle! If you have oily skin and these are not on your makeup vanity then you are missing out!

Here Are 1O Products Every Oily Girl Needs On Her Makeup Vanity

  1. A great oil-free moisturizer like a Clean & Clear Moisturizer, Here

  1. A badass facial primer like a Smashbox Primer, Here | Smashbox Primer Dupe, Here

  1. Add a grainy facial exfoliator like a St. Ives Scrub, Here

  1. Also, a great translucent blotting powder is a must like a Rimmel London Matte Powder, Here

  1. Some blotting paper like some from Clean & Clear, Here

  1. Don’t forget the setting powder like an elf Setting Powder, Here

  1. Get rid of the dual powder look and control oil with a makeup setting spray like an Urban Decay Setting Spray, Here | Urban Decay Setting Spray Dupe, Here

  1. Keep your eyebrows on whole day with an eyebrow sealer like a Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer, Here

  1. Prep your face with a primer water spray like an NYX Primer Spray, Here

  1. Now you must have a mattifying foundation like an Estee Lauder Foundation, Here | Estee Lauder Foundation Dupe, Here


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