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Idea 1

If you’re considering getting a makeup vanity under $200.00 we are here to help. Ikea makeup vanities are great but if you have a small budget Ikea might not be the best idea.

Makeup Vanity Idea Ikea Dupe

So here are the items you will need for your vanity. These items are just the basic. This list does not include the separate makeup storage units, mirror trays or perfume trays – these items are great for decorating your makeup vanity but we will discuss these items in another post.


Item 1: White Draws

Online: Here

In-Store/Online: Here


Item 2: Table Top

Makeup Vanity White Table Top | makeupvanityideas.com


Item 3: Mirror Clips

Mirror Clips | makeupvanityideas.com


Item 4: Mirror

Makeup Vanity Mirror | makeupvanityideas.com


Item 4: Marble Vinyl Peel Self Adhesive

Marble Vinyl Peel | makeupvanityideas.com



Idea 2

Hey there, we are here with another Vanity Dupe! We are doing another one for the series! Ha! Look at us doing the damn thing! …. Anyway, everything is available on Amazon! You know about that Prime Shipping … I know you know about Prime. It’s fantastic! Ha! Ha! We love Amazon! Great deals, Great service! Get this hot dupe set! Happy week! My Darlings!


Ikea makeup Vanity Dupe











That’s it! These are the items you need for your vanity idea IKEA dupe. In the next post, we will put these items together. Keep in touch.

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