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Let’s just agree that makeup hacks make life so much easier! Every makeup hack we find brings joy to our heart. Here are a few makeup hacks that actually work!

Makeup Hacks We Live For

These hacks will make putting on makeup so much easier.


Makeup brush DIY drying rack

How creative is that! We wouldn’t have thought of this one on our own. No more waiting forever for makeup brush to dry with this DIY makeup brush drying rack.


Prevent Mascara from clumping

Team no more clumping mascara – just use this hack.


A Solution for dry mascaras

Are you replacing your mascaras too often because they are always dried up? Well girl, get you some eyedrops to fix that!


Applying red lipstick like a pro

Be a pro applying red lipsticks in no time. Perfect red lips every time.


Applying mascara on the bottom and top lashes without messing up

Do you have problems applying mascara? Are you always messing up? Well, we too! This hack is a time saver. No more cleaning up after.


Nose Contouring and Highlighting

Be a nose contouring and highlighting pro with a fork. We no longer have to be walking around with weird looking nose contour and highlighter.

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