What Is A Makeup Vanity and Why Should You Own One

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What Is A Makeup Vanity

So what is a makeup vanity really? Well, for most a makeup vanity is a bedroom or beauty room furniture used to store and organize makeup.

It also functions as an area where makeup can be applied comfortably. For some people, it’s their happy place – a place they could truly mark as their own.

For others, it’s a place to display their most holy grail products in the most stylish way possible using beautifully designed mirror trays and makeup storage boxes.

Is A Makeup Vanity A New Thing?

Makeup vanities are not new! – they have been used by women for years. In fact, what’s new is:

ONE The modernized name – before it was mostly referred to as the toilette table.

TWO How trendy and fashionable makeup vanities have become – they are now a fashionable statement for makeup lovers.

THREE How quickly and easily you can set up your own within a very reasonable budget.

We are here to show you how! So why do you need a makeup vanity to call your own? Here we discuss 10 reasons.

10 Reasons You Should Own A Makeup Vanity

You’re A Makeup Junkie

You love makeup so much you just can’t get enough of it.

You’re one of the first to know about new product releases and new trends in the makeup industry.

You a proud makeup enthusiast!

You Love To Collect Makeup

If you love collecting makeup your makeup stash will grow quickly.

Consequently, you will need somewhere to store it.

A makeup vanity is perfect for storing your makeup collection.

You Want Display All Your Makeup In One Location

Having your makeup in one area makes it easier to apply your makeup. Plus, you want somewhere to display your pretty package makeup in all their glory!

You Want To Save Time Applying Makeup

Do you keep makeup in different areas at home? Like your foundation and makeup sponge by the bathroom sink and mascara and eyeliner on the dresser.

In fact, just imagine how much time you would save if you no longer had to walk to the bathroom to apply your foundation then walk to the dresser to apply your eyeliner and mascara.

Or the time you could save by no longer collecting makeup products around your home before finding a clean area to start applying it.

A great makeup vanity will provide the storage you could use to keep your makeup items in one location.

Having your makeup in one location will drastically reduce the time spent applying makeup.

You Want To Organize Your Makeup

Makeup vanities are great for keeping makeup organized neatly in an orderly fashion.

If you’re a tidy individual who functions better when things are organized neatly and you want to organize your makeup collection to reflect this then a makeup vanity is a great buy for you.

A makeup vanity brings order to any makeup collection!

You Keep Up With Trends

Makeup vanities are not a new thing. Originally, they were called toilet tables! Imagine that, so they are not new!

However, over a couple of years collecting and organizing makeup have been a trend.

That new trend increased the need for makeup vanities to store and organize makeup.

You’re Tired Of Competing For Your Bathroom Mirror

You just want a small area at home to relax and call your own. An area you could comfortably sit down and apply your makeup in peace.

If you’ve experienced applying your makeup while someone is busy trying to fix their hair in the same mirror or location, you know how frustrating this could be.

Having your own little area ensures you won’t have to compete for the mirror ever again!

You Want To Store Your Makeup In A Safe And Clean Area

If you suffer from acne you are very conscious of what you put on your face.

A great makeup vanity set helps keep your makeup products and application tools in a safer and cleaner area which in turn will lessen the chances of them getting infected with bacteria.

You Want To Sit To Apply Your Makeup

You’re tired of standing to do your makeup. If your makeup routine includes only applying mascara and eyeliner you might be okay with standing.

However, if your makeup application includes highlighting and contouring because you need to look “beat” then sitting will make the application process more pleasant.

You Want To Improve Your Makeup Application

If you look at makeup artists in action you will realize they all have two things in common.

  1. The client is always sitting down.
  2. All the makeup they use is in one location.

Overall, you rarely see them leaving the client to go search for makeup products or tools.

All in all, they ensure what they need is in reaching distance. So why no duplicated their makeup organization.

This is one of the first steps you should take if you’re taking to improve your makeup application.

How To Build Your Own Makeup Vanity

Building your own makeup vanity set is simple. All you need is the right items and from there you can be as creative as you want.

Check out these ideas below! As you can see not many items are needed for each setup.

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